Mothers day

This mother’s Day i spent with my mom and brother. I made a candle from crayons , and my dad  bought a gift that i wrap it. We woke up my mom and we surprised her . We hug and kissed her many times ,  she is very happy that she has us and we are very happy to spend time together. She took us to the bike ride and we had a great fun at the park, we had a picnic time that we really liked it. Happy mother’s day to all best mothers .

My homework

My favourite animal

My favorite animal

My favorite animal is dog, and beside him it is a rabbit. I like dogs because they are so cute pets, they have soft skin and they likes to play with me. Rabbit is soft as well, but smaller than dog, and we have dog and rabbit at my grandparents house in Serbia. I like to walk , run and drop the ball to my dog. And to my rabbit i like to give him a carrot and a grass to eat. I wish to have them here in Canada.


Simona’s family

Time machine

I  see my time machine as an airplane, that he can fly ower the corona virus and that we have a kids club and playground inside and countinue to play with my friends

Hello World!

Welcome to your brand new blog Simona.

Have fun blogging.